Last blog ever

This is our final post for English 11 and it’s been a great year! This class has been great it has been laid back and we have made so many memories. It has been fun getting to know the people in my class and also Mrs.DeAngelis she is so sweet. I really liked how we got to pick the book we wanted to do for our research paper. I loved that we did The Great Gatsby it is one of my favorites and I enjoyed it so much. I learned a lot about MLA which we haven’t really learned in past classes so I thought it was good that we went over that. I learned how to write good papers and to make my papers much deeper than where I took them. I was not really fond of the discussion board or the discussion circle but that’s the only things I really didn’t like. I do not really like the blogs either just because it is just not my thing some people love it but I don’t really like it that much. I really liked Mrs.DeAngelis and she was very sweet and nice. I will never forget my English class because it was not one to forget.

Alter ego

My alter egos name is Katie Adams. She has blonde long hair and it is very luscious. She has blue eyes with very long lashes. She has a more narrow face and has very nice teeth. She is tall and she is about 5’8. She also wears a size 9 in shoes. She is very bubbly around her friends but when she is near someone she knows she gets a little shy and does not really want to talk very much. She is sweet but she can also be mean sometimes but she never wants to hurt others feelings. She likes to try new things and travel. She is a very organized person and likes everything to be the way it was or she needs to fix it. She does not like to try new foods though she is very picky about that and does not want to change her eating style. The job that she has is she is a CIA spy for under cover jobs. She travels a lot and does most of her job over seas mainly. She loves her job though the thrill and the intensity it bring she loves that. I do not know how people would react because they are not suppose to know about my job so I can not tell you that. If they did know it would not be safe for them or me and it would jeopardize their families also. If they did know though I think they would keep it a secret but I can not risk anything.

My impossible Dream

We all have dreams and for some they come true and for others they are impossible. I hope for everyone to have their dreams come true but for some it just may not happen and that can be for the best or the worse.We all wish for our dreams to come true and we desire to be the best at everything and anything they do. We all strive to accomplish the dream that we have and to show others that do not believe in us that we can do it! Dreams only come true if you believe that you can accomplish them and if you believe in others that they can too. I have always been told that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I believe that but for some it just does not work out. An impossible dream that I have always dreamed of having is becoming an Olympic athlete in volleyball or track because that is what I love to do. I have always wanted to go to the Olympics to actually see how things work and meet some Olympians to see how they got there and if it would even be possible. There are many obstacles that stand in my way like one being that I have not had the training that I need. Another thing would be that I have never known really what I needed to do to achieve my potential that I have. I guess what makes me still want to strive for that goal is that I have always wished to do it so I always do my best in what I’m doing because you never know what will happen. I believe that we can all do what we strive for and it depends on if that person has the right mindset to do what they believe they can do or not.


Being from East Tennessee says that I have southern roots and that were mostly nice and polite to others. I grew up in East Tennessee and was raised up in Church with my family. They say that we are all raised in the country and that we have never seen the city. They say that were UT football fans and that we love them. They say that we hunt, fish, and kill anything we can eat. People think that were country bumpkins or rednecks and that we have no money to afford anything. They think that were dumb, stupid, or naive and that we have no idea what we are doing ever. When people ask where were from and we say Tennessee they just say “Ooh”‘ and then walk away because I think they do not feel like we are worth to talk to but that is just how I feel about it. When people think of the south all they think of is rednecks or people who have no money and can’t afford anything. Why people think of us this way I have no idea maybe because one person said sow thing doesn’t mean that were all like them. My hometown defines who I am as a person because that is where I grew up and learn everything that I know how to do now. East Tennessee is my hometown and it does define who I am as a person because it is where I grew up and have lived so when others judge us about where were from it offends us. We are not redneck, stupid, dumb, or naive we are smart people who live normal lives and do things normal people do. Hometown is where you are from and what represents you when say you are from there or live there. I am proud of where I come from and to call this my home and to say that East Tennessee is my hometown!

Daisy’s view of dinner

Daisy: My friend Jordan had mentioned the name Gatsby to my cousin Nick and I was so surprised I repeated his name three times and then nobody spoke about because we were called for dinner. Tom grabbed Nicks arm and pulled him from that room to dinner. Me and Jordan followed the boys out to the table and sat down. I didn’t really like the candles on the table so asked why they were there and no one answered so I snapped them out with my fingers. Jordan started talking about the longest day in the year and said that we should plan to do something for it so I said “all right what’ll we plan” she looked at me like she needed help and said ” what do people plan”. I looked down and wondered why my finger was hurting and it was black and blue and I told Tom that he had done it and I know he didn’t mean to but he did do it and that’s what I get for marrying a brut of a man, a great, big, hulking physical specimen of a and then Tom cut me off saying that he didn’t like the word hulking and didn’t want me to call him that again. I was talking with Nick and he said that ” I make him feel uncivilized” and then Tom cut in and asked Nick about a book which he had never read but Tom thought it was a fine book. I thought that Tom was getting very profound but he did read a lot of books. There were many word conversed but then the phone rang and I knew Jordan was trying to distract me. I tried to distract myself so I told Nick that I loved having him at my table and thought he looked like an absolute rose which Jordan agreed. I got very angry with Tom so I threw my napkin down and went inside the house. Not a few seconds later Tom and I came back to the table with our friends but something inside of me said it couldn’t be helped. Everyone was looking outside and I thought it was so beautiful so I asked Tom if he thought it was romantic and he said it was very romantic. The phone had rang inside again and Daisy just shook her head and left with Tom to go inside. I walked outside and Nick followed me and we talk about how we don’t really know each other that well even though we are cousins and after that Nick had left.

My winterim and spring break

For my winterim I went to Washington, D.C. Which was really fun! I went with a great group of girl and Ms.Anderson who was pretty great too. We went to quite a few places but it was worth it because everything was so fun. My favorite thing that we did was go to the German embassy it was so cool and learned a lot and enjoyed it! My other favorite places were the pentagon tour and getting to go into the White House! I also liked this museum called the newseum and it’s about all the news that’s happened over the years and one of the exhibits that they had is they had news papers all the way from the year 1525 all the way to today 2016! We also got to ride the metro everyday to where we were going and that was pretty fun too. The whole week we were there we walked a total of 54 miles which is quite a lot! Once winterim was over it lead into spring break but because I was so tired I mostly rested and watched Netflix most everyday! I spent time with my grandparents and went shopping but that’s about all that I did.

Unforgivable youth

In class we looked at both the poem by Walt Whitman called “I hear America singing” and Lupe’s song “Unforgivable Youth”. “I hear America singing” was more of a happier poem and spoke about happier time. “Unforgivable Youth” was more of a unhappy poem and talked about how America needed to change and said negative things also. I do not agree with what Lupe said because it is never going to happen in the first place because we can not change America’s past mistakes and I feel like he believes that we can. I do not agree with the negative portrayal in the song “Unforgivable youth” and I defiantly do not think America will change any time soon. Of the two pieces of poetry “I hear America singing” and “Unforgivable Youth” I would have to pick “I hear America singing” because it is much of a happier poem and “Unforgivable Youth” is much more negative. I do not think Whitman deserves criticism for his portrayal on America because he is portraying America with the nice things and not the negative and he should not get criticism for something that he believes. Yes I think it is fair because people have different opinions on America and whatever he believes he should be able to say. I think that Lupe said what he said was because he looked at America a certain way and that is what he thought and I necessarily don’t agree that it was ok but he is allowed to say those things and if he wants to say them he can. Also Lupe was talking about Americas past mistakes not about America being a happy place and I feel like some would like the poem “I hear America singing” because it is happy but also I feel like others would like “Unforgivable Youth” because it talks about what America has gone through and some people could relate to that maybe. To me I have never really liked poems so they did not really stand out to me that much but if I had to choose I would choose “I hear America Singing”.

I Hear My School Singing

I hear my school singing, the varied carols I hear.

Those of students, each one singing theirs as it should be loud and proud.

The volleyball team singing theirs as they serve their volleyball or hitting them at the other team.

The basketball team singing theirs as they make ready for state, or leaves off with hate.

The football team singing what belongs to them in their locker room, the rest singing on the turf.

The softball team singing as they sit on their bus, the the players singing theirs as they get ready to play.

The tennis team’s song, the player’s on their way in the court, or at this one or at that one.

The track team singing of the other teams, or of the young runners at Karns, or of the fast or slow.

Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else.

The teams what belongs to the teams – at games the fans of GCA.

Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs.

Go animate reflection

In class we did a project on go animate and we had to make an animation of the scene that we got from the scarlet letter. The process was long and it took a while to understand the website but once I understood it went much faster. I feel like I did have too think about the scene that we had and to decide what we needed the characters to say. I did like to think about what to put and say because it let me know the story better and to show the message through our video. I liked watching everyone’s videos because you got to see how they interpreted there scenes in the video that they did. The videos were fun to watch and some of them were even funny so it made it fun in class. I would like to do something like this again because I know how to use the website now and it wouldn’t take that long to use it. It was fun to do so I would like to do it again if we had to. I thought it was a good project to do in class and I had fun doing it.