Go animate reflection

In class we did a project on go animate and we had to make an animation of the scene that we got from the scarlet letter. The process was long and it took a while to understand the website but once I understood it went much faster. I feel like I did have too think about the scene that we had and to decide what we needed the characters to say. I did like to think about what to put and say because it let me know the story better and to show the message through our video. I liked watching everyone’s videos because you got to see how they interpreted there scenes in the video that they did. The videos were fun to watch and some of them were even funny so it made it fun in class. I would like to do something like this again because I know how to use the website now and it wouldn’t take that long to use it. It was fun to do so I would like to do it again if we had to. I thought it was a good project to do in class and I had fun doing it.

Scarlett letter

When I found out what the assignment was I didn’t think it was going to be that bad. It wasn’t bad it was just embarrassing to walk around with a letter that stood for something that you struggled with. My letter was S for selfish and I didn’t want others to know that this was something I struggled with. To wear the letter all day was not that bad once the day was over and I really thought about it after a while. It did not feel as bad after because I knew that others had the same letter as me and stood for the same thing so I knew I wasn’t the only one who struggled with it. It was a little embarrassing if someone asked you what your letter stood for because it was something that you struggle with but it was not petrifying. I don’t think it drew away from others in the hallway at all. When I walked down the hallway though others would look at me strangely and what you would think they were thinking was why is she wearing a big letter S on her shirt that’s weird. I did not like that it drew attention toward me when I was walk by others so I would try to cover it up with my jacket and that’s not what the assignment was for. Some people did ask me about my letter and what it meant. I got asked in almost every class what the assignment was for and what my letter stood for and even some teachers asked me. When they asked me I did not want to tell them but I did anyway. When I told them what it meant they did not seem to care which made me feel better and did not make me feel weird about it. I do feel like Hester Prynne was embarrassed about it and did not like everyone to stare at her all the time. I’m sure she felt awful about what she had done and to have that embarrassment is horrible. To feel like what Hester Prynne felt like was not very fun but it showed me that no matter what our letters were we knew that we can change from them.