Unforgivable youth

In class we looked at both the poem by Walt Whitman called “I hear America singing” and Lupe’s song “Unforgivable Youth”. “I hear America singing” was more of a happier poem and spoke about happier time. “Unforgivable Youth” was more of a unhappy poem and talked about how America needed to change and said negative things also. I do not agree with what Lupe said because it is never going to happen in the first place because we can not change America’s past mistakes and I feel like he believes that we can. I do not agree with the negative portrayal in the song “Unforgivable youth” and I defiantly do not think America will change any time soon. Of the two pieces of poetry “I hear America singing” and “Unforgivable Youth” I would have to pick “I hear America singing” because it is much of a happier poem and “Unforgivable Youth” is much more negative. I do not think Whitman deserves criticism for his portrayal on America because he is portraying America with the nice things and not the negative and he should not get criticism for something that he believes. Yes I think it is fair because people have different opinions on America and whatever he believes he should be able to say. I think that Lupe said what he said was because he looked at America a certain way and that is what he thought and I necessarily don’t agree that it was ok but he is allowed to say those things and if he wants to say them he can. Also Lupe was talking about Americas past mistakes not about America being a happy place and I feel like some would like the poem “I hear America singing” because it is happy but also I feel like others would like “Unforgivable Youth” because it talks about what America has gone through and some people could relate to that maybe. To me I have never really liked poems so they did not really stand out to me that much but if I had to choose I would choose “I hear America Singing”.

I Hear My School Singing

I hear my school singing, the varied carols I hear.

Those of students, each one singing theirs as it should be loud and proud.

The volleyball team singing theirs as they serve their volleyball or hitting them at the other team.

The basketball team singing theirs as they make ready for state, or leaves off with hate.

The football team singing what belongs to them in their locker room, the rest singing on the turf.

The softball team singing as they sit on their bus, the the players singing theirs as they get ready to play.

The tennis team’s song, the player’s on their way in the court, or at this one or at that one.

The track team singing of the other teams, or of the young runners at Karns, or of the fast or slow.

Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else.

The teams what belongs to the teams – at games the fans of GCA.

Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs.