Last blog ever

This is our final post for English 11 and it’s been a great year! This class has been great it has been laid back and we have made so many memories. It has been fun getting to know the people in my class and also Mrs.DeAngelis she is so sweet. I really liked how we got to pick the book we wanted to do for our research paper. I loved that we did The Great Gatsby it is one of my favorites and I enjoyed it so much. I learned a lot about MLA which we haven’t really learned in past classes so I thought it was good that we went over that. I learned how to write good papers and to make my papers much deeper than where I took them. I was not really fond of the discussion board or the discussion circle but that’s the only things I really didn’t like. I do not really like the blogs either just because it is just not my thing some people love it but I don’t really like it that much. I really liked Mrs.DeAngelis and she was very sweet and nice. I will never forget my English class because it was not one to forget.